IMPORTANT support bulletins:

Support information:

  • General Questions and Comments: For non-technical questions and comments please send email to A Franz Inc. Product Application Manager will contact you promptly.
  • Reporting Problems: send bug reports and technical questions to See this for suggestions on making a bug report.
  • Documentation: Our product documentation is here.
  • FAQs: The list of Allegro CL frequently asked questions (FAQ) is here.
  • Product Patches: Franz Inc. regularly posts new product patches for customers to download. Patches are files containing a correction to a specified problem. For more information, see our patches page.
  • Operating System Specific Information: For information on newly released operating systems see our OS info page.

Emacs and the Emacs-Lisp interface

There is a general discussion of getting Emacs (particularly on Windows) and on using the interface here. See also eli.htm in the documentation.

Information on using Allegro CL with SLIME and quicklisp-slime-helper can be obtained here.

What's New

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